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Bridgepoint Systems, Cleaning Booster, Citrus Solv, 1 Quart

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100% Active for Extra Cleaning Power!
Degreaser & Fragrance Additive

Our most effective, best-selling additive. Citrus Solv is a must whenever you face the toughest cleaning situations. Citrus Solv is a natural citrus cleaning and fragrance additive. It contains no chlorinated solvents, no alkalies, and is 100% free from caustics and acids. Citrus Solv is water-miscible.

Uses: Professionals achieve incomparable results when using Citrus-Solv as a general-purpose degreaser and a fragrance booster for carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.

"A little dab will do ya"

  • Citrus-based Degreaser and Fragrance Additive
  • Add to your favorite prespray or extraction rinse for cleaning and fragrance boosting
  • Excellent restoration cleaning and fragrance boosting for smoke-damaged surfaces and odors.
  • Fresh citrus fragrance your customers will love. The pleasant fragrance will be remembered as long as the cleaning.

Because Bridgepoint Citrus Solv has d-limonene, it deodorizes AND gives you a tremendous cleaning boost.

There's a reason it's so popular! Also leaves a wonderful orange scent behind!

Dilution Ratios: 1-2 oz./gal. RTU pH: n/a Contains: 1 quart

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