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370ss with 120gl Waste Tank by Sapphire Scientific

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The AMAZING 2018 370SS – Sapphire's #1 bestseller now has a hot new look with carbon fiber-style details and a backlit front bezel. The 370SS delivers everything that made it the cleaning industry favorite: the hottest water and more vacuum than the competition and the best overall performance in its class. And the 370's space-saving profile is half the footprint of other truck mounts. Clean carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces – even do flood extraction – this versatile machine does it all.


  • Smallest cubic size in the industry: Requires 50% less cubic space than other competitive models, freeing up precious van space
  • Thermostatic control: Allows complete temperature control up to 250° F | 121° C
  • Longer belt life: Unique powered through-frame cooling system directs air over drive belts, extending belt lifespan
  • Intuitive control panel simplifies operation
  • Last-step chemical injection ensures peak performance from water pump system
  • One of the most rigid frames ever built reduces vibration and increases reliability
  • Convenient waste pump-out switch on the control panel. simplifies pumpout operation
  • Save water and chemicals! A patent-pending heat diverter keeps the blower cool. Sapphire truck mounts never need to bypass fresh water to the waste tank.


Power plant: 20 HP Kohler gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM

Vacuum pump: Gardner Denver TriFlow® Tri-Lobe 406 positive displacement blower. Vacuum to 13 in. Hg and flows up to 317 CFM
Solution pump: General HTXS1813S with an electric clutch operating up to 1500 psi and up to 3.4 GPM at 1478 RPM

Waste Tank Capacity: 100 Gallons

Chemical injection system: Last step injection
Waste tank: 90 gal. (340 L) 0.1875 in. marine-grade aluminum.
OPTION: 120 gal. (454 L) High capacity waste tank. 100 gal. (379 L) at shutoff
Frame construction: 0.125 in. × 2 in. powder-coated aluminum box tubing
Frame finish: Corrosion-resistant powder coated
Belt cooling: 100 CFM through-frame air injection system
Heat exchanger: Single stage finned tube coil
Console dimensions (W×H×D): 16 × 38 × 45 in. | 41 × 97 × 114 cm

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