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Citrus Splash (Gallon) by Newline | Premium Deodorizer

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Citrus Splash | Deodorizer
Citrus Splash has a unique fragarence that leaves any room smelling clean and fresh like no other citrus product on the market. This product is perfect for standard deodorizing or as an additive to your cleaning process. Citrus Splash is a great odor counteractant to protein fire odors.

Citrus Splash is recommended for use on the following odors: urine, skunk, pet smoke, mildew, bacteria, vomit, airborne malodor, sewage, cooking, trash, organic sulfide amine chemical and more!

General Spray Method: Dilute 1 - 16 oz. per gallon depending upon odor severity. Note: 1 oz. per gallon dilutions require no rinsing. 16 oz. per gallon dilutions are for severe chronic malodors.

Extraction Cleaning: For portables dilute 0.5 - 2 oz. per gallon. For truck mounts dilute 10 - 16 oz. per five gallons. Add directly to pre-spray at 1:4 oz. per gallon.

Injecting: Dilute 16 oz. per gallon. Saturate thoroughly.

Fogging: Dilute 8 - 16 oz. per gallon. Fog as directed.

pH RTU: 6 - 8

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