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DOT Mold Stain Remover 2.5 Gallon

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Mold stain removal made easier.

Our sustainable and patent-protected technology reimagines mold stain removal. Using NT7 catalyst, our team of chemists and professional mold remediators have developed a mold stain remover that is lower-chemical, lower-odor, and smaller in size than other products on the market. For professional remediators, this means better inventory management, less odor on job sites, a more comfortable working environment, and satisfied customers. With the Power of Dilute Oxidation Technology, a little does a lot.


2+ years

Easy-to-mix powder formula for cleaning mold stains and surfaces.

  • Drywall, Sheetrock®, cinder, lumber, tile, grout, bathrooms etc
  • Solution continues working for 24hrs+
  • Dilute Oxidation Technology + only 0.25% calcium hypochlorite
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