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Evolution Upholstery Tool by Hydramaster

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The EVOLUTION Upholstery Tool was designed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery performance as compared to the harsh angles of a steel tool. Best of all, the glided head moves across the upholstery fabric better and increases water recovery:

  • The cleaning angle of the single jet shears across the fabric rather than directly down onto it greatly reducing your chances of over-wetting.
  • Rotationally molded to reduce weight and increase durability
  • Laminar like airflow design improves airflow, increases extraction performance, and reduces drying time.Ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and ensure proper recovery when cleaning surfaces with unique geometry.
  • Delrin® glide is mounted to the rotationally molded tool head for airtight fit and no slippage
  • Plastic glide is less likely to develop burrs than a steel tool head which could damage delicate upholstery fabrics. Also, glide can be replaced when worn.


• 4” head, shear angle, single-jetted
• Weight: 1.5#
• Head: 4” Roto-molded LLDPE
• Glide: Delrin® – removable, replaceable
• Jet: #002 tip
• Valve: Rated to 1200psi (Solution pressure of 350psi or less is recommended on upholstery)

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