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G-Unit Power Distribution Package

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A must for any mid to large size water loss where you have to run a lot of equipment. The G-Unit Power Box allows you to use 240V dryer and range circuits for your 120V fans and dehumidifiers. The power unit plugs into an existing range or dryer 240V electrical receptacle and convert it into 8, 120V outlets. Each receptacle (2 outlets) is GFCI protected and rated as 20A. The power distribution unit and its adapters fit neatly inside a rugged case for easy transportation and storage.

Includes 30 Amp, 240V power box, with bag, generator adapter / extension cord 30Ft, and adapters for 4 prong dryer, 3 prong dryer, 4 prong range and 3 prong range.

60A @ 120V maximum rating (48A @ 120V usable)

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