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Hydramaster Boxxer™ 318 HP with 100gl Waste Tank

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Comes standard with the HydraClutch™ pump clutch. — Perfect for water damage restoration. Finally, you don’t have to put up with barely adequate performance to get an affordable entry-level machine. The Boxxer 318HP takes the entry level truckmount to new heights. It’s perfect for operators who want to tackle residential and light commercial cleaning without making a major investment. The Boxxer 318HP’s heat and pressure pack a big punch and you can rely on it to continue running for a long, long time.

Perfectly sized for companies who do residential and light commercial who also do water damage restoration!

Now with the new HydraClutch™, it is ready to put extra dollars in your pocket through water extraction and flood damage restoration. The Boxxer 318HP’s heat and pressure pack a big punch and you can rely on it to continue running for a long, long time. It’s an ideal marriage of high performance with an affordable price.

The new HydraClutch™ pump clutch allows the solution pressure side of the machine to be turned off while performing flood and water extraction with your truck mount which reduces wear and protects components. The primary advantage is the machine does not require a water source to be connected to the machine to keep operating. With the pump turned off the machine will not add water to the recovery tank, as it no longer is required to pump high pressure water to maintain internal temperatures. This allows for an increased capacity in the recovery tank, maximizing your time in extracting water. This also enables the machine to be operated in any location as it is not necessary to be near a fresh water source.


• Comes standard with the HydraClutch™ pump clutch.
• Handles residential and light commercial cleaning jobs
• Twice the power of other machines its size
• Provides up to 210° F of instant heat
• Unequaled heated pressure washing up to 1,500 psi
• Space-saving footprint for more cargo space
• Maintenance-friendly design
• Glass sights to check oil levels
• Last-step chemical injection reduces scale buildup


• Waste Tank Capacity: 100 Gallons
• Dimensions: 24”W x 31”H x 36”D
• Weight: 570 lbs
• Engine: 18 HP Briggs & Stratton™ V-Twin Vanguard™ industrial series engine
• Ignition: Electric key start
• Vacuum Blower: Competitor® SL 3006 blower, low vibration, pulsation and sound reduced, dual oil bath lubrication, no grease fittings, durable helical gear drive
• Pump: 3.5 gpm capacity, operating pressure from 0 to 1,500 psi, with HydraClutch™ pump clutch
• Max Temp: 210º F
• Chemical System: Stainless steel last-step chemical injection, meter controlled
• Heating System: Finned tube heat exchanger with stainless steel tubes
• Recovery Tank: 65 gallon MaxxAir™ recovery tank; aluminum, baked-on powder coated finish, includes stainless steel filter and filter basket, 36 1/2″L x 10 1/2″W x 31″H, 100 lbs
• Solution Hose Length: 100 ft x 1/4″
• Vacuum Hose Length: 100 ft x 2″
• Wand Capacity: Single
• Fuel Consumption: 1.0 gph
• Uses: Residential and Light Commercial

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