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MediClean (Microban) Disinfectant Spray Plus (GL) | Antimicrobial

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MediClean Disinfectant Plus, Gl

Anti-Microbial, Disinfectant, Bactericide

When You Have to Be Sure - Choose Microban!

MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus is a water-based, nonflammable bactericide, fungicide, and deodorant all in one unique formulation. MediClean protects against germs and odor on virtually any surface. Antimicrobial action kills allergy and disease-causing germs, bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew with one application and provides long-lasting residual protection. MediClean is E.P.A. approved for many decontamination applications including sewage backups, removal of carcasses, etc. MediClean kills gram negative bacteria, the bacteria encountered in sewage backups, and toilet overflow situations. MediClean is E.P.A. approved for both spray and fogging applications. Excellent for decontaminating textiles, mattresses, bedding, etc. MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus has no insecticidal capabilities.

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