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Serum 1000 Accelerator by Serum Systems - Additive for Serum 1000

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Serum 1000 Accelerator by Serum Systems - Additive for Serum 1000

Serum 1000 Accelerator is a designed additive to cause Serum 1000 to perform at a higher level than the Serum 1000 by itself. Serum 1000 for years has performed flawlessly at cleaning all organics and bleaching some of the organic stains that mold leaves behind. The Accelerator is designed to cause Serum 1000 to create billions of hydroxyl radicals to super charge it's bleaching qualities. Now with the Accelerator, you can clean the organics faster because of it's super excited state and be assured that all the staining will be bleached away improving the esthetics of all surfaces being cleaned. The Accelerator is packaged as 15 ounces in a quart bottle, which is what is required to accelerate five (5) gallons of Serum 1000. If less accelerated product is desired, you may measure and add three (3) ounces of Accelerator per each gallon of Serum 1000 that you would like to treat and accelerate.

Shelf life of Accelerated Serum 1000 is approximately one and one half to two days. (1.5-2 days). Any run off from spraying accelerated Serum 1000 that may occur is pH 9. The only by product of the accelerated Serum 1000 is water, oxygen and potassium acetate (a food additive).

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