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Serum SR (5gal. Jug) by Serum Systems - Soot and Smoke Remover

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Serum SR (Gallon) by Serum Systems - Soot and Smoke Remover

Serum SR is formulated to remove heavy smoke build up in fire damaged structures. It's chemistry lends itself to be very agressive but yet safe to use. It is based on the tried and true use of a small amount of caustic and a water soluble solvent from the alcohol family to dissolve, sequester and rinse heavy heated on smoke that may exist in fire damaged structures. Simply spray Serum SR onto all affected areas, allow a few (10) minutes dwell time then rinse off using a small volume high pressure washer. Once all the visible smoke has been removed, simply spray all areas with Serum 1000. Serum 1000 will go after and oxidize the carbon that causes smoke smell in a burned structure. There will be no more smoke odor after using Serum 1000.

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