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Spice Splash (Gallon) by Newline | Premium All Purpose Deodorizer

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Spice Splash | Deodorizer
Spice Splash provides you a cool crisp fresh cinnamon apple scent. This product is great for the holidays and can be used as a post spray deodorizer on residential jobs. Also great for automobile detailers. This is a great additive to your residential carpet pre-spray.

General Spray Method: Dilute 1 - 16 oz. per gallon depending upon odor severity. Note: 1 oz. per gallon dilutions require no rinsing. 16 oz. per gallon dilutions are for severe chronic malodors.

Extraction Cleaning: For portables dilute 0.5 - 2 oz. per gallon. For truck mounts dilute 10 - 16 oz. per five gallons. Add directly to pre-spray at 1:4 oz. per gallon.

Injecting: Dilute 16 oz. per gallon. Saturate thoroughly.

Fogging: Dilute 8 - 16 oz. per gallon. Fog as directed.

pH RTU: 6 - 8

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