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Supreme | Premium Floor Finish 5 Gallon

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Supreme is a high gloss floor finish designed to meet today’s demand for ultra durable floor finishes. Supreme’s unique formulation delivers a long lasting “wet looking” floor with fewer coats than traditional floor finishes. Supreme’s polymer system contains more cross linking than conventional floor finishes making it extremely scuff, scratch and black mark resistant. Expect floors finished with Supreme to last up to THREE TIMES longer than conventional finishes. High Speed buffing will restore Supreme to a wet look finish while its super durable formulation resists ground in dirt thus leaving you with a clear clean high gloss coating! Expect up to 1,500 to 3,000 square feet of coverage per gallon.

Recommended for use in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Day Care Centers, Grocery Stores, Retail Centers, Retail Malls, Warehouses and any other areas of non-resilient flooring.

Prepare your floors with Express floor stripper or maintain them with Restorer and Neutral Clean by Newline.

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