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Titan 4000, Hydroxyl Generator & Hydroxyl Maximizer

Titan 4000
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Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generator

Safe/Chemical Free Air Purification & Deodorization

5,000 CFM / 40,000 Cubic Feet Maximum Treated Area

The 365nm to 385nm UVA Rays emitted from Titan's TiO Photocatalytic Lamps pass through a Permanent Anatase TiO Coated Super Reactor Screen which is designed to hold the maximum amount of Highly Reactive Nano Sized Anatase Titanium Dioxide, and as a result, electron hole pairs are formed that react with H 0 and O in the air and produce Free Electrons and Hydroxyl Radicals that when dispersed by the fan will decompose organic and inorganic gases and air pollutants into carbon dioxide and water.

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