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Water Damage Restoration Kit by Extech

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Water Damage Restoration Kit

This kit is a good option for monitoring job site conditions, progress, and insurance company reporting.

The Water Damage Restoration Kit Includes:

  • Pinless Moisture Meter
  • - allows you to select from 10 different wood types and it displays % moisture
  • Precision Hygro-Thermometer
  • - measures Humidity, Temperature, Dew point, Wet bulb, and Grains Per Pound (GPP)
  • Pocket Moisture Meter
  • - measures moisture of wood or other building materials


  • Specifically designed for water damage restoration contractors
  • Supplied in an attractive storage case that provides protection and organization for the meters whenever they are needed
  • Dimensions: 9.5x6.8x2.8" (241x173x71mm); Weight: 1.8lbs (0.7kg)
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